Every year, our Car Confections Team gets behind the wheels of hundreds of cars, from every size and price point, to make reviews for the channel. So, we wanted to jot down our Top Picks for each of the segments we spend time in. Today, we will be sharing our Best 10 Three Row SUVs for 2024. For an in-depth video about each, be sure to head to the video linked at the bottom of this article!

Scoring Criteria

As the opinions of two brothers with no kids can differ from those of others in the market for a car, we have developed five categories that we feel shoppers prioritize in shopping for a Three Row SUV. The categories are as follows:

  1. Space (cargo, interior storage)
  2. Third Row (overall experience, important to 3-row shoppers)
  3. Luxury (features offered, details)
  4. Powertrain (fuel economy, choices offered, power)
  5. Technology (quantity, quality, ease of use, advanced features)

Each of the categories will be rated on a 1–5-point scale, and winners will be determined by adding each category up for a final score. Ties will be broken by our professional opinions of each model.

Also, if you’re interested in buying any of the models we mention today, we have a tool on the website that you will want to check out. Click here for our too that will connect you to local dealerships to get the best price and give you access to invoice pricing. With that being said, let’s get into the countdown!

#10: Ford Explorer – 14 Points

Sitting in the 10th place spot is the Ford Explorer, one of the veterans in this segment! Although the Explorer has been around for a while, this current generation has yet to see any big updates in recent years. Even though it has diverse powertrains, good storage, and a good third row, its lack of technology and luxury fail to score it any higher.

#9: Toyota Highlander – 14 Points

Next, 9th place falls to the very popular Toyota Highlander! There has been a ton of movement in the segment in the past year or so, which has caused the Highlander to lose some spots, primarily due to its third-row space. However, the Highlander will pull off good marks for all other categories, including its recently updated technology.

#8: Mazda CX-90 – 15 Points

Coming into 8th place is Mazda’s new biggest model, the CX-90! You can tell Mazda really put a lot of work into this new model, especially over its predecessor, the CX-9. The powertrain options and luxury are helping the CX-90 excel in this class. But unfortunately, the heart of a three row SUV comes down to space and tech, which the CX-90 is still lacking compared to its competitors.

#7: Honda Pilot – 16 Points

In 7th place sits another hot seller in this segment, the Honda Pilot! Just redesigned last year, the new Pilot really continues to excel in the categories of space and has seen improvements in terms of powertrain and luxury. But, for some reason, Honda decided the bigger screen from the new Accord wouldn’t make its way to the Pilot, hurting its overall score.

#6: Jeep Grand Cherokee L – 17 Points

For 6th place is a very diverse option for this segment, the Jeep Grand Cherokee L! This elongated version of the standard Grand Cherokee performs well in terms of having great technology, luxury (especially on higher trims), and unique powertrains. But, the L is just not “L enough” when it comes to third row space and cargo storage.

#5: Kia Telluride – 18 Points

In the middle of the pack at 5th place is the increasingly popular Kia Telluride! As many Kia products have been doing in their respective segments, the Telluride does an exceptional job when it comes to luxury and technology. However, its space and powertrain are fairly average for this segment.

#4: Chevy Traverse – 19 Points

Coming into 4th place is the recently redesigned Chevy Traverse, which we had the chance to get hands-on with at the L.A. Auto Show recently! The Traverse continues its reign as the space and third row king of the segment, and really ups its technology for the next generation. Despite the upgrades, its powertrain lacks diversity and the materials are not as elevated as we’d hoped.

#3: Volkswagen Atlas – 19 Points

Another recently redesigned offering is in 3rd place as well, the new Volkswagen Atlas! As the only German on this list, the new Atlas continues to excel in terms of space, third row, and luxury for this updated model. However, its flaws in technology and powertrain diversity fail to place it any higher in this segment.

#2: Hyundai Palisade – 21 Points

2nd place belongs to the luxury king of this segment, the Hyundai Palisade! Hyundai really came out swinging with this model, topping every other option in terms of luxury, which adds to its third-row score with available heating. Now, in terms of space and powertrain, the Palisade is not the biggest or best, which is something number one truly excels in.

#1: Toyota GRand Highlander – 22 Points

As the only brand with two options on this list, Toyota takes the 1st place victory today with the new Grand Highlander! This offering was truly built to excel on what matters most in this segment: space and third row! Not to mention, the GH has three unique powertrain offerings to fit the driver’s preferences. We would love to see Toyota continue to build on luxury as this model ages.

Honorable Mentions

Of course, there are more than 10 options in this segment, so we wanted to take a moment to mention the vehicles that didn’t quite score high enough, which are:


  1. GMC Acadia (we have not been hands-on with the upcoming model)
  2. Nissan Pathfinder
  3. Subaru Ascent
  4. Dodge Durango


Thank you for checking out our expert picks for the Best 10 Three Row SUVs of 2024! Let us know in the comments which one you would choose and be sure to check out the associated video below, as well as our individual reviews for each vehicle located on the YouTube Channel. We hope this helps in your journey to purchase a new vehicle!