The redesigned Hyundai Elantra has been a hit for the brand throughout the past couple of years. Spawning new variants such as the N-Line and N versions have also allowed more sport-oriented buyers to enter the market for an Elantra. Hyundai has made some minor changes for the 2023 model year, So, let’s see if this is the sporty, well-equipped, compact sedan for you!

What’s New for 2023

● N-Line LOSES the 6-speed manual option
● SEL Convenience Package expands feature availability
● SEL Premium Package gone

Trim Structure

 SE -> SEL -> N-Line -> Limited (shown in these photographs)

Detailed Exterior Review 

The 2023 Hyundai Elantra doesn’t see a huge departure in terms of the overall design this year. It remains one of the boldest options within the entire segment. As far as finishes are concerned, the grille will be black on every Elantra providing a nice contrasty look on other colors than this black. For Limited duty, you will have a shiny black finish for a more premium look and the N-Line model will have a few more aggressive elements to let you know it is the more powerful version of the Elantra.

The headlights are unfortunately going to be halogen beam projectors on all of the Elantra’s besides for this loaded Limited with projector LEDs.

The wheels can be any flavor you like depending on the trim level; 15, 16, 17 or 18 inch alloys are offered depending on your trim level of choice. The Limited model as shown has 17 inch contrast alloys which look quite nice.

All models have Blind Spot Monitoring in the mirrors as standard (a feature Civic doesn’t have) and on the N-Line they will also be fully blacked out. Heating is also on those top two trims. The Elantra’s overall length is 184.1-inches which is about 4 inches larger than the previous generation. It has an angular design, which has 3 body lines that meet at one point in the middle of
the side, plus the Limited gains chrome trim around the windows.

The rear has an almost sportback design with an angled decklid. The N-Line has a black contrast lip spoiler while all other Elantra’s just rock the normal point. The tail lamps themselves are partially LED with the accenting across the entire back being a very premium LED finish. That said, the brake light, reverse light and turn signal are all incandescent. The N-Line spices it up with dual exhausts on the right side.

The safety systems are an area of change for 2023. You have standard forward emergency braking w/ pedestrian detection, lane keeping assist and auto high beams across every trim level. In addition, the Limited gains adaptive cruise control, rear auto-braking and Highway Drive Assist. New for 2023, is a SEL Convenience feature of adding adaptive cruise control which previously was just reserved for the top-end Limited.  

2023 Hyundai Elantra interior photograph gray interior color

Now let’s check out the interior of the 2023 Hyundai Elantra Limited. I think you’ll be surprised at all this has to offer since it’s one of the best cabins in the entire segment. For your materials, the SE and SEL boast cloth seats in black or gray. Limited gains leather seats in a black or gray (shown). It also gains memory seats if you get the Limited Hybrid. The seats themselves are manual adjusting on SE and SEL (6-ways) and Limited and N-Line get 6-way power adjusting driver seats.

SPEC: Legroom: 42.6 inches | Headroom: 40.6 inches 

Push start is standard on SEL trims and above. The SE and SEL have the more basic gauge design with a 4.2-inch MFD on the right side. New for 2023, the 10.25-inch reconfigurable gauges are included for SEL Convenience, N-Line and Limited which used to be reserved for the top model only.

The steering wheel is leather wrapped on the Limited (or optionally with the SEL Convenience package) while heating is unavailable. Storage is good for any Elantra and one of the better options in the segment. Wireless phone charging is included on the Limited, N-Line or SEL Conv. 

The shifter is a nice design that feels good in the hand to grab. It is a physical shifter design compared to a push button style in the bigger brother Sonata. Standard backup camera as expected, but no 360 degree option is available. Limited, however, gains parking sensors as standard equipment. Topping it off, Limited gets an electronic parking brake. 

For the climate, SE gets manual climate controls and all the other Elantra’s get dual-zone automatic. Quite the nice feature for amore basic vehicle. The seats will be heated on N-Line and Limited and if you get a Limited Hybrid you can add ventilation to the list of standard features. 

For audio, the SE gets a 4-speaker system while SEL and N-Line get a 6-speaker setup. Limited gets the range topping 8-speaker Bose premium audio system. Finally, for screens the 8-inch display is standard on most of the trim levels. This includes lower-resolution graphics and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The larger 10.25 inch display is included on N-Line, SEL Conv, and Limited. That has higher resolution but wired CarPlay and Android Auto.

Finally, a moonroof is standard on the Limited and N-Line models.

side angle of Hyundai Elantra

Rear Spaces

The Hyundai Elantra will impress for the rear seat areas. Legroom comes in at 38.0-inches and headroom at 37.3-inches. On paper, that’s larger than Sonata and several inches larger than the previous generation. Rear vents are not offered on any version of the Elantra, but a fold down armrest is included on this high end model. Heated rear seats are not offered and there are also no rear USB ports.

For the trunk, you’re looking at 14.2 cubic feet of capacity. That’s good for the segment; larger than the Toyota Corolla and smaller than the new Honda Civic. 

The passenger seat is manually adjusting on all Elantra’s.

Now let’s take it out on the road for a spin.

2023 Hyundai Elantra Limited front angle

 Powertrain & Test Drive

When you first drive the 2023 Hyundai Elantra you will find nothing new in the driving department this year. You’re going to keep the same 2.0L 4-cylinder making 147 hp and 132 lb.ft as the base motor for all models.

To spice it up, they offer an N-Line trim which has a more powerful 1.6L 4-Cyl making 201 hp and 195 lb. ft. From experience, this motor feels a lot better under hard acceleration and will be the choice of anyone who is mainly concerned with performance. They do also offer Hybrid and Elantra N versions but they will be covered in a separate review.

For the transmissions, the base motor will be paired to a CVT while the N-Line has a Dual Clutch Transmission. The manual option has been deleted this year. It is also FWD exclusive; no AWD option.

Fuel Economy (2023):
● SE/SEL: 33/43/37 MPG
● Limited: 30/40/34 MPG
Exceptional fuel economy for the class

MSRP (2023 pricing)
SE: $20,500
SEL: $21,750
N-Line: $-
Limited: $26,350