Nowadays trucks are expected to do it all. Once just a tool for getting work done, they are now designed for work, daily driving, family hauling and even extreme luxury. Today we have two of the most popular trucks on the market in the U.S the 2025 RAM 1500 vs. 2024 Ford F-150. So, when equipped in their ultimate specs, which truck will be crowned the ultimate winner? Well let’s go ahead and find out!

Pricing and Equipment

Now before we really start to dig in, let’s talk pricing. Like I said, these are the loaded specs, meaning we have fully loaded prices to go along with that.

Starting with the RAM 1500, we have the new Tungsten, a trim that slots in even above the already luxurious Limited trim. It starts at a price of $87,320 and once you add in options and destination it rings in a touch over $91 grand.

MSRP (Tungsten 4X4): $87,320 | Options: $2,230 | Destination: $1,995 | Total: $91,300

The Ford F-150’s top trim changes this year from Limited to Platinum Plus to bring it more in-line with other Ford products. The price doesn’t get any more affordable though, with an as-tested price of $87,625, after destination. 

MSRP (Platinum Plus 4×4): $73,845 | Options: $14,205 | Destination: $1,995 | Total: $89,725

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Exterior Design

So even though others can’t see the huge price tags, they will easily be able to see how expensive they are via the luxurious design touches. These two are all about that extra bling to separate themselves from the plebian work truck versions. The Ram has a diamond cut grille while the Ford goes with chrome bars, and one unique touch for the Tungsten is that it does not have a separated bumper like most other trucks. This is a special premium touch, and both also have elaborate adaptive LED lighting. Only the RAM has dynamic turn signals.

Moving to the side, both are only available in crew cab, short bed configurations for the top trims, and both also come equipped with shiny 22-inch alloy wheels. The backs are more conventional looking since there is only so much you can do to spice things up. The important things are the premium tailgates.

Additional Features

Which is where we will start as we move into the individual features. They are trucks after all, so both brands spent a lot of time developing innovative methods to get the job done. First, both trucks have the option of getting a split tailgate, but neither have that option today. Instead, they have other cool features such as power closing, assist steps for getting in and out of the bed, and RAM boxes for extra lockable storage. 

While those boxes are a great place to store tools, the Ford has better solutions for powering those tools thanks to its ProPower on Board system of high-voltage outlets.

Moving past that, both models have fully-loaded mirrors with heating, power-folding, auto-dimming and blind spot monitoring.

And as far as all the other safety features, both of their high trims include all the active ones as standard equipment. In addition, a new feature for the 2025 RAM is a hands-free level 2 highway driving function, which is also something Ford has been offering for a few years with its BlueCruise system. 

Ford: Warranty: Basic Warranty: 3yr/36k mi | Powertrain: 5yr/60k mi

RAM: Warranty: Basic Warranty: 3yr/36k mi | Powertrain: 5yr/60k mi

Finally, towing is still important even for luxury trucks, and the Ford can handle more weight in its luxury form.

Ram (3.0L Twin-Turbo HO I-6): 7,820 lbs

Ford (3.5L PowerBoost): 11,000 lbs

Anyway, that’s the end of the exterior comparison, but now let’s see which interior will impress you the most.

RAM Interior
F-150 Interior

Interior Design

So, walking up the vehicles, both are obviously going to have smart entry systems with integrated remote start, and they have power running boards for extra convenience.

But open those doors and you’ll begin to see why they cost around $90 grand. Almost all the surfaces are upgraded to the max, starting with the seats themselves. In the RAM, we have a lovely Natura plus real leather finished in a blue and white color combo. In the Ford we have an exclusive Truffle color option on the real leather seats. 

Ram includes a lot more adjustability, with 24-way power adjustment, although both of them are heated, ventilated and have massaging abilities.

But let’s get inside and evaluate the overall materials. While both are certainly luxurious, it’s the RAM that completely divorces itself from the more basic trim levels. All the commonly touched areas are smothered in real leather, real open-pore wood, and aluminum. Additionally, both trucks have elaborate stitching details, branded elements and suede headliners. But at the end of the day, it’s the Tungsten Ram that will have you thinking you are in a luxury SUV.

Now after startup, let’s move into the features, where both trucks have a 12.3-inch full digital gauge clusters. An observation we made was that the RAM’s are way more reflective and harder to see, but both have head up displays for those who don’t want to look down, a new addition for the Ford this year.

Of course, it pretty much goes without saying that both steering wheels are heated, and leather wrapped, but the RAM’s is still not power-adjusting for 2025. Both have power-adjusting pedals, however.

Storage and Technology

Now the next area to evaluate is interior storage, where both are enormous, however, the RAM is positively gigantic. Since its shifter is not on the center console, that allows the entire area to be a multi-functional storage area.

While overall storage is greater in the Ram, I do have to give props to the F-150 for its very functional fold-down workstation.

Now speaking of the shifters, the Ford gives you the more traditional operation, but once in reverse, both will pull up 360-degree cameras. These have all the angles you would need to line up a trailer, and speaking of that, they also have trailer backup assist functions.

Now moving on from that, both trucks have dual-zone climate, even though the F-150’s look more conventional and the RAM’s are mostly flanking the large screen.

Before we talk about those displays, let’s talk about the audio systems. Both trucks have high-end audio systems, but for 2025 model year Ram has changed the truck game. They added a 23-speaker Klipsch (clip-ch) audio system, which gives quality like the nicest Mercedes and BMW products we have been in recently.

RAM: 1,228-watt, 23-speaker, Klipsch Reference Premiere audio

Ford: 1,080-watt, 18-speaker Bang and Olfsen Unleashed Premium audio

Now let’s go ahead and check out the mega screens. The RAM’s gets even bigger this year with a 14.5-inch display, while all F-150’s continue with the 12-inch display, outside of the electric Lightning.

Software wise, they both have the latest software versions which include things such as wireless AA and ACP, and built-in navigation. Beyond that, though, the refreshed RAM is now also including a 10.25-inch passenger screen. This allows the passenger to make audio and navigation adjustments in addition to watching shows on long road trips.

Finally, ending the front areas, the Ram truck has a digital camera mirror, but both have a panoramic moonroof.

RAM Rear
F-150 Rear

Rear Seats and Cargo

But the luxury does not stop in the front, and to be honest, in many ways, the back seats are the place to be. They both offer enormous accommodations, with limo-like head and legroom dimensions that are less than 5% apart. 

RAM: Legroom: 44.8-inches | Headroom: 39.9 inches

Ford: Legroom: 43.6-inches | Headroom: 40.4 inches 

Materials from the front follow through to the back, and they are loaded with amenities such as rear vents, USB ports and heated rear seats. However, the RAM has several advantages since its back seats are also ventilated and can recline.

As far as storage cubbies are concerned, both have storage under the rear seats and the 1500 even has under-floor secret storage.

But there are some big differences when it comes to the powertrains, so let’s dive into that next!

RAM Front
F-150 Front


These two have been quite different so far and it’s only going to continue that trend when it comes to what’s powering them. For 2025, RAM gets a big change in the powertrain since what was previously a HEMI V8 is now replaced with a high-output 3.0L Twin-Turbo inline 6-cylinder making a whopping 540 horsepower. Meanwhile, Ford has been making its line of EcoBoost engines for a long time, but this top trim comes with the PowerBoost Hybrid. That uses a 3.5L Twin-Turbo V-6 and electric componentry to make 430 hp and 570 lb.ft of torque. 

That gives the RAM a big horsepower advantage but the Ford a 8% advantage in torque, which is greater than the 5% difference required to score a point.

FORD: 3.5L Twin-Turbo V-6 + Electric: 430 hp | 570 lb.ft

RAM: 3.0L Twin-Turbo I-6 (High Output) | 540 hp | 521 lb.ft

As far as the transmissions are concerned, we have very smooth and well-calibrated 8-and-10 speed automatics, respectively. 

Test Drive and Fuel Economy

But these are luxury trucks we are talking about here, so ride quality is very important. Now make no mistake, the F-150 Platinum rides very nicely, with its adaptive dampers, but it is no match for the RAM’s class-exclusive 4-wheel air suspension. Its ride quality is more on par with luxury SUV’s than a typical truck, plus it also helps with increased clearance off-road and less clearance when entering the cabin or hooking up a trailer.

Here at Car Confections, we always like to get sound-level readings for each vehicle we test. And as far as sound isolation, we expect both to be extremely quiet, but due to the media drive locations being in Texas and California, we cannot officially score this point. For your reference, in our unofficial test the RAM scored 59 dB on a rough road, and the F-150 55.8 dB.

RAM: 59.0 dB @ 55 MPH

Ford: 55.8 dB @ 55 MPH

Finally, when it comes to fuel economy, the new Ram 1500’s Hurricane Inline-6 doesn’t improve the fuel economy a great deal over the previous Hemi. That means the F-150 has a very substantial 6 MPG advantage in fuel economy over the RAM which does not offer any kind of hybrid version at this time.

RAM HO I-6 4×4: 15/21/17 MPG

F-150 PowerBoost 4×4: 22/24/23 mpg

Resale and Reliability

In our reviews and comparisons, we are also adding in reliability and resale information to give you a better picture of the overall value beyond just the original MSRP. 

Beginning with reliability, we developed the Combined Reliability Index, which takes into account several studies from trustworthy sources, and combines them in a way that gives a more realistic picture. Ram ranks 13 slots above the industry average for all brands in reliability, while Ford is 4 slots below average.

We also put Mason’s economics degree to work to develop a detailed Predicted Resale Value tool. After 5 years and 60,000 miles, the Ram is predicted to have the better resale value. It has the 5th highest predicted resale value of 57.4% and Ford trails behind at 48.8% resale value.

Resale is obviously important because it determines how much money you get back, but we can’t forget about the price difference at the original purchase. The RAM costs $1,575 more than the Ford.

I want to emphasize that if money, reliability or resale value matter less to you personally, feel free to disregard these points. And if you’d like to check out all our data about reliability and resale values, as well as learn about our methodology, make sure to head to and Buying a car is a big decision, and this is a great place to compare all the makes you might be cross-shopping.

2025 RAM 1500 vs. 2024 Ford F-150 winner!

So, there you have it; another big battle between two American truck heavy-weights! Let’s recap so you can pick “your” personal winner.


  • PowerBoost hybrid
  • Tows more


  • Elevated interior luxury
  • Air suspension

Now we want to know your opinions, so make sure to head to the comment section and let us know which one you would pick!

Thanks for joining us for another Car Confections Comparison! We’ll catch you next time as we sample the latest automotive delicacies!