In a world dominated by SUVs, minivans have been somewhat overshadowed, but the 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander vs. 2024 Toyota Sienna are here to challenge that trend. These two family-friendly vehicles offer space, style, and versatility. If you’re in the market for the ultimate family hauler in the Toyota lineup, you’re in for a treat as we compare the Grand Highlander and Sienna.

Pricing and Equipment

Let’s kick things off by looking at the pricing and equipment of these two contenders. Minivan features have been on the rise, and so have the prices. The Sienna Hybrid Platinum AWD starts at $52,345, with options and destination bringing it to $56,193. On the other hand, the Grand Highlander Limited Hybrid Max AWD begins at $54,040, totaling $55,800 with options and destination. While there’s a slight price difference, we’ll explore if it’s justified in the features.

Exterior Design

Minivans aren’t typically known for their style, but the Sienna has always aimed to be the exception, earning it the nickname “swagger wagon.” Both the Sienna and Grand Highlander feature projector LED headlights, fog lamps, and striking front grilles. The Grand Highlander boasts a more robust and boxy appearance, giving it a tough look compared to the Sienna.

In terms of size, the Sienna remains larger than even the biggest Highlander ever made, offering exceptional interior and cargo space. Design-wise, the Grand Highlander sports 20-inch alloy wheels, while the Sienna, when equipped with AWD, gets 18-inch wheels with chrome hubcaps. Both models have exposed wipers, chrome accents, and fully-LED taillights.

Moving on to individual features, both vehicles offer heated mirrors, blind spot monitoring, and power-folding, with the Sienna adding auto-dimming to the mix. Safety is paramount, with both including the entire Toyota Safety Sense suite of active safety features. While warranty coverage is identical, the Grand Highlander excels in towing capacity, maxing out at 5,000 lbs compared to the Sienna’s 3,500 lbs.

Sienna Interior
GH interior

Interior Design

Inside the cabins, the Sienna and Grand Highlander share some similarities. Both models feature premium seats with 10-way adjustment, heating, ventilation, and memory functions. The Sienna boasts fully brown leather seats, while the Grand Highlander combines leather and suede.

Material quality is comparable in both vehicles, with a mix of leatherette, soft and hard-touch plastic, and decorative elements like wood and carbon fiber. The Grand Highlander takes the lead with a fully digital gauge cluster, while the Sienna features a 7-inch MFD, but Sienna Platinum models offer a large Head-Up Display.

Rain-sensing wipers, heated leather-wrapped steering wheels, and 360-degree backup cameras are standard in both models. Climate control includes 3-zone and 4-zone options for the Grand Highlander and Sienna, respectively, with large physical controls. JBL premium sound systems are present in both models, delivering impressive audio quality.

The Grand Highlander boasts a more advanced infotainment system with a 12-inch display, while the Sienna still relies on the older Entune system and features a 9-inch screen. Additionally, the Grand Highlander offers wireless compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. For those who love a panoramic sunroof, it’s exclusively available in the Grand Highlander.

Sienna Rear
GH Rear

Rear Seats and Cargo

The rear seats and cargo capacity are crucial for family vehicles. The Sienna impresses with power sliding rear doors and Super Long Slide seats, offering nearly unlimited second-row legroom. The Grand Highlander, while providing ample space, doesn’t match the Sienna’s second-row flexibility.

When it comes to legroom and headroom in the second and third rows, both models are similar. However, the Sienna usually offers executive-style seats with ottomans, which are omitted when opting for a spare tire. Both the Sienna and Grand Highlander’s captain’s chairs offer rear climate controls, vents, USB ports, household power outlets, sunshades, and heated seats. The Grand Highlander’s Platinum trim even offers ventilated rear seats, but the Sienna has an exclusive rear-seat entertainment screen.

In terms of cargo space, the Grand Highlander offers impressive figures but falls short of the Sienna’s cargo versatility. The Sienna’s maximum capacity surpasses the Grand Highlander’s, and its manual folding third-row seats are more convenient.

Sienna Front
GH Front


Now, let’s talk performance. The Grand Highlander offers three powertrain choices, including a traditional gas turbo-4, a traditional hybrid, and a high-performance hybrid. The Sienna, on the other hand, is available exclusively as a hybrid, powered by a 2.5L 4-cylinder and two electric motors, delivering 245 total HP. The Grand Highlander’s turbocharged Hybrid Max model packs about 120 more HP, providing a significant performance advantage.

The two hybrids employ different mechanics and transmissions, with the Sienna using an eCVT and the Grand Highlander equipped with a traditional 6-speed automatic. The Grand Highlander’s traditional automatic transmission offers a smoother acceleration experience.

Both models offer a quiet ride, with sound levels in the mid-50s at 55 MPH. The Sienna is slightly quieter, but the difference is negligible.

Finally, let’s discuss fuel economy. The Sienna Hybrid outperforms the Grand Highlander Hybrid, offering approximately 26% better fuel efficiency, with 35 MPG combined compared to the Grand Highlander’s 27 MPG.

The Sienna can’t be beat!

In summary, the Sienna emerges as the objective winner, thanks to its impressive space, family-friendly features, and superior cargo capacity. However, the Grand Highlander has its strengths, including a variety of powertrain options, towing capability, and the latest technology.

The choice between these two ultimately depends on your priorities. Are you seeking unparalleled space and family-friendly features? The Sienna might be your winner. Or do you crave diverse powertrain choices and the latest tech? In that case, the Grand Highlander might suit you better.

We’d love to hear your opinions! Share your thoughts in the comments section and let us know which one you would pick. Thanks for joining us for this comparison, and be sure to watch the in depth video below! Your support is greatly appreciated, and we’ll catch you next time as we explore the latest automotive delicacies!