Keenland Concours 2019

Keenland Concours d’elegance is a wonderful local auto show held at the iconic Keenland Race Track (horse race track — for all you non-Lexingtonians). There are so many awesome cars it would take 20 hours for me to write about all of them, so instead of rambling, here are some of our favorite photos!

Feel free to download these and use them as backgrounds on your phone or computers! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Keenland Concours 2019”

  1. Hello Drew and Mason,

    This is one of your most supportive you tube subscribers (kbw rvwhntr)

    Well you did it! Congrats on the 100K milestone! I don’t know how old your channel is but as you know I’ve been subscribed to your page for quite some time. Since I’m not on any social media sites, I hope it’s ok to leave comments on your site.

    Glad you all have finally made it to 100K! I also want to thank you for your kind responses and likes to my comments, that really means a lot to me. I myself have loved cars since I was a kid and I appreciate you guys having so much knowledge of them at such young ages. I get to learn everything about my favorite vehicles just from your videos and I would always appreciate that.

    Quick question, have you all found any partnerships with Lincoln? I’ve noticed there haven’t been any videos on them and the 2020 lineups for them are phenomenal! Have you seen that new Aviator? I’ve seen them at my local dealership and I’m flabbergasted with the way it looks in person.

    Keep up the great job you guys are doing. You all seem to be very down to earth and that will take you a long way in life! Take care and let’s get you to 200K!


    1. Just now seeing this comment! Thanks again for all your support! Hopefully, we can get some Lincoln’s on the channel soon!

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